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Considerations for a Butler’s Pantry

While a butler’s pantry may have once seemed like an indulgence, it can completely transform your kitchen. If you are renovating and you don’t have enough space for a full butler’s, it might be worth including a floor to ceiling pantry or small walk-in instead.

Initially, the concept of a butler’s pantry was to house your dishes and glassware. More modern interpretations (sadly, without a real-life butler) involve additional space for food preparation – think 600mm benchtops – which allow you to relocate appliances from your kitchen bench and the ability to hide the mess from visitors!

The options for joinery in the pantry are endless. Open shelves are your best space-saving option, display cabinets are visually pleasing, or you may like the sleek look of doors. If you find that the choice is overwhelming, you might consider mirroring the selections made for your kitchen for a continuous aesthetic.

We suggest plumbing your butler’s pantry and incorporating a single sink and perhaps even your dishwasher. If you store your crockery and glassware in this space, it makes sense to have your dishwasher close for ease of unpacking.

If you have space, think about adding some luxury with bookshelves for your recipe books, a wine fridge or wine racks. Don’t forget that if you are storing appliances, possibly even your vacuum, you will need power points and if using it as a food preparation area; you will probably need a built-in bin.

Having a doorway will give you the ability to close off your workspace when entertaining. A cavity slider, pocket door, or internally hinged door will be your most affordable options.

Another option would be to incorporate a concealed entrance by continuing your cabinetry. The seamless look is completely on-trend and suits a modern kitchen design. Ensure that your doors open internally to preserve the flow of your kitchen.

If open space and light are priorities for you, a door to a butler’s pantry is not a necessity. You might, however, take care to obscure it from the view of entertaining spaces such as dining and living rooms while still achieving a feeling of space.

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