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Kitchen & Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

As the New Year rolls in and on, emerging and growing trends within the kitchen are important considerations if you are planning to renovate a kitchen which stands the test of time and remains stylish as well as functional in coming years. 2019 is expected to see a rise in popularity of certain colours, finishes, materials and decorative options, as well as the demise of certain outdated kitchen trends of the past. So without further ado, here are 3 kitchen trends you should consider in 2019.

Natural style kitchens

Laminex Vintage Style Kitchen

Coming into the New Year, we can expect to see a continuing rise in popularity amongst earthy, natural colours and materials. Natural colours such as seafoam greens and blues will become more common in Kitchen spaces. Use of natural wood as benchtops, cabinetry or other kitchen accessories will also grow in popularity this year. Colours featured in the new Laminex ‘landscape series’ would perfectly compliment this style of kitchen.

2019 will also see more prominence given to plant areas within the kitchen, with greenery perhaps featuring in more window and bench spaces than in years prior. More than ever, people are expected to make more environmentally conscious purchases for their kitchen spaces, with natural, sustainably sourced materials becoming more and more important consideration to make.

Industrial in feel, modern in function

Laminex Melteca Soft Touch Noir Kitchen

The industrial minimalist décor trends that we’ve seen in years past is certainly not going anywhere any time soon. 2019 expects to see the ongoing trend grow with more demand for concrete (or concrete look-alike) benchtops, sinks, and flooring as well as the continued popularity of brass and mixed metal features such as tap/sink ware and light fixtures. Open shelving will grow in popularity, however, so will smart and subtle storage options within the kitchen.

In 2019, the old style industrial look will meet modern tech-integration to make kitchens stylish as well as efficient and functional like never before. Home automation, smart-lighting and Bluetooth devices will continue to rise in popularity within the kitchen space.

No more pristine white kitchens!

In a dramatic turn of events, the popularity of plain white kitchens over the last decade or so is set to be knocked clean out of the game by matte black/dark kitchen designs. Trade in your stark white cabinetry and white marble benchtops, for moody navy palettes and a darker flooring appeal. Polytec’s innovative new finger-print resistant Venette board is perfect for a darker kitchen, reducing the need for constant care and cleaning in an all-black kitchen.

Dulux Cobler

However, if darkness isn’t your style, we are also expecting to see a growing ‘Moroccan-colour-splash’ trend. Exciting and colourful tile flooring & splashbacks or art deco (perhaps in popular coral or pastel shades) may give your kitchen some much-needed character unlike the pristine white kitchens of the past. The Dulux colour forecast for 2019 showed a lesser focus on whites and greys and expected leans towards forest greens, soft pinks, mellow yellows, bright reds and blues to add some spice to the home colour palette in 2019.

Dulux Colour Forecast 2019: