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Smartstone: Four New Exclusive Veined Surfaces

Smartstone presents four exclusive new additions to its unrivalled range of 36 quartz surfaces. Each finds a home in one of our European-inspired collections designed for Australian interiors. Request your free sample today!

Paris Collection: Pelle Grigio

New Pelle Grigio makes itself at home in this sophisticated collection, reflecting the chic destination with its beautiful mottled texture and fine vein on a pale grey backdrop. View the new surface here.

Milan Collection: Amani Classico

Featuring fine grey veining on luminous white background, new Amani Classico brings the magnificence of Italian marble to this perennially stylish quartz collection. View the new surface here.

Santorini Collection: Bianco Onix

Joining a collection defined by the purity of white quartz, Bianco Onix features a gentle, sweeping vein on a backdrop that glows as white as the idyllic island homes that inspired it. View the new surface here.

Toledo Collection: Dolce Vita Crema

Warmly welcomed to this collection of creamy neutrals, Dolce Vita Crema’s pale, gentle vein on a cream background reflects the sunbaked stones of the famed Spanish citadel. View the new surface here.

All new surfaces deliver the many benefits of Smartstone supported by stringent local and international certifications. Find a wealth of Smartstone inspiration here.