Doors & Panels


As well as manufacturing a range of doors and panels in our own factory, Kitchen & Renovation Concepts also supplies doors and panels from leading Australian suppliers such as Polytec, Laminex and Xtreme doors. After your benchtops, cabinet doors are the next biggest feature of the kitchen. Function, colour and style all need to be considered in making your choice.

Flat Panel Doors

Melamine doors offer, by far, the most extensive range of colours and finishes at the lowest cost. Melamine doors are the most durable product available for doors and panels. They are easy to clean, do not stain easily and have excellent heat resistance. While they only come as flat panels, they are suited for all kinds of kitchens, from modern to country style kitchens.

Different Ranges include:

  • Melamine
  • Ultraglaze
  • Avellino
  • Evolution

Brochure: Polytec Melamine Doors & Panels

Thermolaminated Doors

Thermolaminated doors are a vinyl wrapped product that comes in a limited colour range with a moderate price range. Although there is a limited colour range, these doors are available with a large variety of routes (profiles) in the doors. These doors are great for decorative panelling. However thermolaminated doors have more restrictions around heat, for example, they cannot be placed directly next to an oven.


Painted Doors

Painted doors are manufactured using 2-Pac Polyurethane paint to provide a fully sealed door. Painted doors are an extremely versatile product as they are available in most paint colours and door profiles. The downside of painted doors is that they can be marked easily and are the most expensive style of door.

Solid Timber

Timber doors are manufactured from solid timber or as a combination of solid timber and natural timber veneer. They come available in a comprehensive range of highly desirable timber species. The natural warmth of the wood, combined with a variety of finishes, is rich in appeal and ageless in appearance.