Your floor is the foundation of the décor that you wish to create and with so many materials and colours available, there will be a match available for every taste, style and function. Kitchen & Renovation Concepts can arrange installation of flooring products or can just supply for DIY installation.


Laminate flooring is an affordable, low maintenance and attractive flooring option for a renovation or a new build. It can give the look of timber without the cost and is a very durable, scratch resistant material. It is easy to lay, being a floating floor, and if one or more boards need replacing, this can be done without a problem. This product is 100% recyclable and as it is 8mm thick, it offers excellent chemical, fire and fade resistance. We offer a range of laminate products, each offering their own timber look colours and styles. Available in grey or earthy tones and textured or smooth finishes, laminate flooring is a versatile and durable option.


Bamboo flooring offers more than just comfort and durability. It is produced with materials that are sourced from sustainable bamboo plantation forests and therefore it is extremely eco-friendly. Harder and stronger than many conventional timber panels, Bamboo flooring fits equally well in residential and commercial interiors and offers a good variety of colours to suit most interior styles.


The Luxury 5mm Vinyl Tiles are made from 67% recycled materials and can also be recycled after use. They are low VOC, making them a good choice for anyone with chemical or allergy sensitivities. Luxury 5mm Vinyl Tiles are also waterproof and termite-proof and are available in a range of designer colours. They give the look of timber flooring but the vinyl tiles are extremely durable and require little maintenance. The vinyl is easy to DIY and can be used for most applications including flooring in kitchens and laundries.

A new vinyl product, the Galaxy XL Solid Vinyl Tile, is a premium hybrid vinyl product which still offers a timber look but gives exceptional stability with changing temperatures compared to conventional vinyl planks. Galaxy XL has a rigid vinyl surface and a solid core which helps eliminate problems when installing on uneven surfaces or over tile joints.


Laminate and bamboo flooring requires an underlay to be placed under the product. This reduces sound transfer and gives moisture protection. Kitchen & Renovation Concepts supplies a range of quality underlays suitable for most applications.