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2018 Wrap Up

It has been a big year with lots of exciting projects and changes here at Kitchen and Renovation Concepts. This year has seen the Orange branch continuing to grow to become one of the most respected and largest joinery suppliers in Orange. Andrew, Liz and the staff have been working on showroom upgrades and have secured several large builders’ contracts.  This year here in Dubbo, we have moved into a new factory to process our stone in house giving us better control of job timing and quality. We have also upgraded our stone machinery with the purchase of a new bridge saw and polishing machine. This gives us better efficiency, safety and a higher quality finish than is achievable by hand processing alone. This is in addition to all of the system optimisations for the joinery manufacturing factory that have been implemented.

A big thank you goes out to all of our suppliers for their ongoing support, to our loyal clients and customers, and of course, to our brilliant staff, without all of whom the last year would not have been such a success.

Also, this year saw the launch of our new website as our old website was badly in need of attention. The new site gives more precise information on all our products and services but distils down the mountain of information around joinery to help you make the best choice when selecting products for your next project.

A big thanks also to the management team for helping me to personally make this a successful and productive year.

Next year, we will be doing our next round of showroom upgrades, installing some extremely new sliding and folding systems for concealed laundries and studies, as well as featuring the next generation of LOOX lighting from Hafele. As well as that, we will be showcasing the new Anthracite range of pull out products from Hafele and Kessebohmer, and installing the new range of Scala Nova Pro drawer runners from *GRASS.

Trends this year included moving away from high gloss finishes for kitchens and the increase in the popularity of matte finishes. With the introduction of Vennette from Polytec and Absolute matt from Laminex, the flattest, smoothest matt finishes that have ever been available are now on the market. Handleless designs were also very popular. For the New Year, international trends seem to show Avocado inspired greens and rich dark blues starting to trend. The black hardware and accessories are also making an impact and will flow through to the regional markets as trends. Lighting too is becoming a more significant part of every kitchen design, and I think this will only increase next year with the addition of new innovative ‘smart lighting’.

December 19th will be our last day of trading for this year, and we will return from our short break on the 14th of January. We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday period and look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.


Abraham Damen
Director, Kitchen & Renovation Concepts